Plant based hair care products yelani
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Why Choose Us

Switch from your current brand to Yelani

It’s a name you can trust. Read on to find out why.

  1. Made from the Highest Quality All-Natural Ingredients

    The Yelani hair care product line is developed using only the highest quality and all natural ingredients known for their moisturizing and healing properties such as herbs, essential oils, herbs and plant based ingredients.

  2. 100% Chemical Free

    Unlike other products on the market that include various chemicals that can damage hair and can cause skin irritation and sometimes even cancer, Yelani products are 100% chemical free.
    Our products are free from carcinogens, silicone, suds, sulphate, paraben, mineral oils, alcohol, toxins and other artificial ingredients and preservatives. Yelani gives you beautiful, healthy and soft hair naturally.

  3. It’s More than a Brand; it’s a Revolution

    Yelani is a complete and all-natural hair care system that takes care of your hair and overall health. It does not include chemicals that can cause cancer and damage hair. You can use it frequently and without any worries. Our formulations improve blood circulation under the scalp which improves quality of your hair, stimulates hair growth and is good for your body.

  4. Safe, Effective and Clinically Tested Products

    Yelani hair care products are safe and effective. This product line has been launched after many years of in-depth research and clinical-testing.

  5. Perfect for Curly Hair

    Most hair care brands target straight hair but Yelani is a product range developed and designed exclusively for women with natural curls. From repairing your damaged curls due to frequent ironing and blow drying to giving your hair that perfect bounce to softening and moisturizing dry locks to detangling them so they are easy to comb through and there is minimum hair breakage, Yelani can resolve all problems that only women with curly hair experience on a daily basis.

  6. Wide Range of Products

    Yelani has an extensive and expanding hair care product range including shampoos, oil hair treatment, hair mask, conditioner and one-of-a-kind finger hair comb, targeting different hair care needs.

  7. Developed by Yetunde Jude

    Yetunde Jude is a successful and a recognized black hair care veteran with over 20 years of hands on industry experience.