Yelani HiDry Shower Cap

Yelani HiDry Shower Cap

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Women spend a lot of money on hairstyles. The problem with heat straighten hair is moisture. So how do they maintain expensive hairstyle while bathing or showering? They use Yelani HiDry Shower Cap.

The Hi Dry Shower Cap is:

  • Patent-pending technology that contains a moisture absorbing membrane
  • Made of natural fibers that pulls the moisture build-up that forms when the scalp releases heat as the body temperature rises from either a warm bath or hot shower
  • Washable
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Cover hair completely with the HiDry Shower Cap before taking a warm bath or hot shower. Using the shower cap correctly helps maintain hairstyles of heat-straightened hair. To keep shower cap clean and properly store the shower cap.


Natural fibers with a breathable fabric

Absolutely love this cap!!! Love to wear my natural hair straight and it keeps it that way!!! It’s a must have.

Great! I am glad you are enjoying our HiDry Shower Cap.

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