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We provide healthy hair care products that actually work for people with kinky/coils to curly hair.

soft_natural_hair_curls_yelaniFounded in 2009, Archer Place Global is a trusted and a rapidly growing hair care product company committed to developing the highest quality, clinically tested and effective hair care products for women. Archer Place Global holds patents, patent pending products and hair tools.

Yelani is a new and advanced 100% chemical free and all-natural hair care product line from Archer Place Global developed by Yetunde Jude. It is a product line exclusively formulated for women with natural kinky curly hair. From shampoos and hair oil to hair mask and patented finger comb, Yelani is a brand from Archer Place Global that features a variety of hair care products for women to restore and maintain their luscious curly locks, naturally. 

Archer Place Global not only strives to help customers get naturally beautiful and healthy hair but also enjoy overall good health. Yelani’s unique blend helps remove old residue and moisturizes hair while improving blood circulation thereby stimulating hair growth. These products feed and nourish your locks with the best that nature has to offer.

Our high end products moisturize and conditions hair without stripping the hairs natural oils.  Yelani All Natural Collection product line adds shine and reduces premature breakage.  All products are chemical free and do not include any type of chemical that can damage your hair and cause cancer. These products feed and nourish your locks with the best that nature has to offer.