Plant Based Hair Care Products for natural hair
Natural hair care shampoos, conditioners, oils for kinky to curly hair that reduces shedding, stimulates hair growth, moisturizes, conditions and reduces breakage. Yelani plant based healthy 2in1...
natural hair care Shampoos conditioners oils Yelani kinky curly hairs growth moisturizes, moisturizing, conditions, reduces breakage, plant based 2in1 gentle black haircare curls coils good healthy hair
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Say goodbye to dry, lifeless hair and hello to Yelani hair care products- flaunt your natural, super-soft and beautiful curls like never before.

No Carcinogens, silicone, paraben, sulphate, mineral oils, alcohols, toxins and other artificial ingredients are used in these products.

Yelani hair care products introduces the New Normal

It is a new and all-natural hair care product line exclusively designed for women with naturally curly hair. All products are made in the USA, clinically tested, scientifically formulated and 100% chemical free.

Yelani is committed to providing safe, effective and all natural hair care products that are not only healthy for your hair but your overall health.

Use Natural, Go Natural!

Yelani hair care products contain the highest quality and all natural ingredients known for their healing and moisturizing properties. It uses the perfect blend of herbs, natural preservatives, plant based ingredients and essential oils that:

  • Repair & strengthen damaged hair shafts
  • Nourishes hair from the roots
  • Softens hard coarse hair textures making them easier to detangle
  • Moisturizes and revitalizes dry hair
  • Adds shine
  • Reduces premature hair breakage
  • Increases blood circulation under the scalp thereby stimulating hair growth

Embrace your natural curls and look absolutely beautiful. Make curls your new fashion.